Monday, December 3, 2007

Me and Dr. Jones

This might not be the most attractive picture of our cat, but this is the good Dr. Jones in one of his favorite sleeping positions. He's a big cat (he's got big bones, not he's a lion/tiger/leopard etc.), weighing in at the 17 pound range, and manages to take up almost as much of the bed as I do. He doesn't have a history of being very nice, although he has mellowed considerably in the past three years.

Important things to know about the cat: (a) don't go to him, let him come to you, and things will go much more smoothly. (b) when he does come to you, pet him on the side of the head, not the top. (c) if he's whining in the kitchen, it means he wants you to come pet him while he's eating. I have no idea why this makes his food taste better, but evidently it does. (d) he's pretty good at car trips. (But not through the desert. The first day we left San Diego in July, we drove to Vegas. Dr. Jones still wasn't sure about the whole "riding in a truck" thing, and was sitting between our bucket seats on top of a box, and I had my hand on his back to try and calm him down. It was nighttime but still very warm, and the truck started to overheat. To counteract this we turned the heat on in the cab as we went up a hill. He started yowling and then just fell over like he couldn't control his body. I seriously thought he had had a stroke or something, but after a minute, and us turning off the heat, he was fine. He wore a damp washcloth to keep cool for most of the rest of the trip.) And he actually doesn't like the cold either. He's been scheming to get outside since we moved in to our new house, but the one time he actually made it, he immediately turned around and cried to be let back in -- and Kevin was standing about three feet away.

I'm very curious to see how he responds (or not) to having a baby in the house. He knows something is up, or at least that he can't sit on my lap anymore. Btw, she has not arrived yet. I go in tomorrow for more tests and my final check-up, and we'll talk about scheduling an induction then. Who knew we would be having a December baby? My brother suggested last night that we could save on airfare for Christmas if we fly to Dallas before she's born and just deliver there. That's an option I hadn't considered...