Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lyla finaly gets to go to church today

I know we've only missed two Sundays and one was because it snowed six inches, but Katherine and I really miss Fourth Reformed. It's been awesome to find this church and they way they've welcomed us in has really touched us both. We really love the community that the church strives to create and we really love how the Gospel is the foundation of everything the church tries to do.

Katherine's getting ready right now and I just need to get my shoes on (and poor myself some coffee and change Lyla's diaper and load her in to the car) so we're almost ready to go. The only thing that could stop us is the horrible winter storm that currently bearing down on Grand Rapids. Apparently, five people have already died and it's going to bury us in snow starting at 3 pm. So hopefully we will have time to go to Target (for diapers) and the grocery store (for bananas... and other food) after church... assuming we make it to church at all.