Friday, December 7, 2007

Day 3

Hi everybody.

Today is Friday and the doctor has written Katherine's and Lyla's discharge orders. So we're slowly packing up and getting ready to go. We still have to do a few more things while we're here but it's exciting that we get to take Lyla home today. Katherine is most excited about going through the process of figuring out schedules and caring for the baby on our own. I'm probably most excited about seeing Lyla in her room and being able to dress her in all of the beautiful clothes that she has (most of which are gifts from you all so be sure to tune in regularly in order to see her in the outfits you chose for her). The nursery is the part of the room dedicated to Lyla. We worked really hard to put it together but have kept the door closed in order to keep Dr. Jones out and thus it hasn't really been part of our home, more of a secret treasure that we would go into every now and then when we would get really excited about Lyla being born.

And of course, both Katherine and I are both very excited (and a little nervous) about introducing Lyla to Dr. Jones. Hopefully he won't be territorial and will love her as much as any anthropomorphized house cat possibly can.

Similarities most likely to draw them to each other:
- body heat;
- texture;
- use of crying as sole mode of communication;
- tremendous amounts of affection for Katherine;
- both rely on Kevin to clean up their poop.

Likely points of contention:
- Lyla's penchant for putting things in her mouth;
- Lyla's developing motor skills;
- Dr. Jones's claws and teeth;
- rapid and seemingly unprovoked shift in mood;
- competition for Katherine's attention.

So we'll see what happens.

Here's some pictures of the recovery room we're in:

Door and privacy curtain.

Television and storage.

Window (notice the chair that transforms into a cot that can best be described as "adequate.").


And finally, the guests of honor in the hospital bed.