Thursday, December 6, 2007

Day One point Five

Good morning. Well Lyla is turning out to be a good little sleeper (I guess my sleep gene and Katherine's sleep gene combined into a super sleep gene, which means Lyla and Dr. Jones are going to get a long great, though I'll have to make sure he doesn't try and sleep on her... or vice versa). She spent most the night in the nursery so that Mom and Dad (that's me!) could sleep. For all of you who were wondering (and are primarily checking this blog to see how I'm doing), the cot was not as comfortable last night but it did the job. Good thing we're checking out tomorrow.

I guess checking out is not the right terminology. During the past 2 days I keep noticing minor similarities to a cruise Katherine and I went on in February of this year. I mean the location, weather, and general theme of our time here is way different. I guess what I mean is I've been pleasantly surprised at how many services Spectrum Health has aimed at making sure its guests are comfortable. It's minor things like all of the non-medical staff is super courteous and helpful (the medical staff are too), they have room service options and different menu options for both Mom and Dad, they also have free ice water, coffee, juice, pop (that's what soda or Coke - for all you Southern readers - is called here) and snacks that the nurses are happy to bring. Actually, maybe it is the unlimited beverages that is most similar. That combined with having our own private room. Main differences, the room does not rock from side to side and when I step outside I'm not in Mexico. I wonder if you could outfit a small cruise ship and offer a 3 to 4 night Birthing Cruise. Picture this, all the family travels down to some port and boards the ship, during the first day the mother is induced and delivers the baby. The next two days are spent recovering and getting to know the baby while the family enjoys the amenities (think rock climbing wall) in between visits to see the baby. I bet there is a market for that type of experience...

Enough of my musings, I know you're here for two reasons: Katherine and Lyla. Both are doing great, Katherine is free from all her tubes and whatnot as of 10:00 last night and still seems to be recovering nicely. We saw a doctor this morning (I'm not sure who he was, I think he was the doctor on call for our family doctor) and we asked questions about the next few days. If things keep going well, Katherine and Lyla will be discharged tomorrow (Friday) morning which will be nice (though I am a little stressed about not having all of these professionals around to help). Katherine's mom is going to be able to come up from Texas to help out which is a huge blessing. Hopefully she'll come this weekend, but we're still figuring out the details. Additionally, the outpouring of support and offers for meals, etc. from our community here has been great.

[Note to the people of Grand Rapids, a very sincere thank you for welcoming us into your community. To be at this point where there are so many of you who we have just gotten to know but who genuinely love us is a true blessing, especially having only been here for four months! Thank you thank you thank you.]

[Thank you.]

[p.s. Next time someone asks us "Why would you move to Grand Rapids?" We can respond, "Because Grand Rapid-ians (Grand Rapid-ites? Dutch people?) are awesome." End p.s.]

I've spent the morning holding Lyla while she slept. Joy is the only word to describe what it's like to watch her little face scrunch up and move around while she sleeps. She must be having the most amazing and dramatic and vivid dreams based on the different emotions that seem to be evoked and that show up on her perfect little face.

Katherine also got a long nap in this morning which is great, gotta make sure my girls are well rested. They're going to need their energy if they plan on maintaining the high levels of awesomeness that they have exhibited thus far.

Speaking of awesomeness, check out Lyla's feet. They're so long! I love it!