Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Who say's babies don't sleep? -or- How I jinxed the next four weeks of my life.

Despite her performance last night, Lyla spent pretty much all of today sleeping peacefully. She has been asleep since about 9:30 am except for brief stints where I've woken her up with my cold cold hands to change her (read previous post to see how she exacted her revenge) and to try and get her to feed (which see seems pretty adept at except that she gets so comfy that she falls asleep on Katherine's chest). It's kind of nice, getting to hold her and watch her sleep. I also like the way her cute little face contorts as she dreams ("I'm mad." "I'm concerned." "I'm confused." "Angry." "Now, grumpy." "Back to concerned."). Anyway, the whole thing is peaceful, bordering on concerning (see video below). Every so often I will walk over and touch her just to make sure she moves. I know that this behavior is not guaranteed or expected to last. But it would be nice if it did.

Katherine wanted to tell you all she's doing "great (thumbs up enthusiastically given). She really is doing great. She's comfortable, healing well, happy, energetic, and enjoying the visitors that have stopped by today was Uncle A and Aunt L, (technically Great-) Aunt L (mother of first Aunt L, who technically is a First Cousin Once Removed, making Uncle A really First Cousin Once Removed In-Law A, but Uncle is what Lyla will call him), additionally S from work (btw I'm using initials here for privacy purposes, just seems like the prudent thing to do right now, you know, HIPAA regulations and all). In about 20 minutes our pastor and his wife are coming to visit and to pray over Lyla. We're excited about having them because we've just started getting to know them and they are really great people (they had us over for lunch on Sunday and served some amazing lasagna).

I'm not sure if anyone else is planning on coming by tonight but visitors are welcome and encouraged, as long as they call and ask if it's a good time to come.