Monday, December 17, 2007

Playing dress-up

After bathtime last Friday night, Lyla decided to put on a pretty dress. Lyla's grandmother had gotten her a dress to wear when we took her home from the hospital. But at the time, packing up everything we had at the hospital took a long time and it was so cold out that we skipped putting on the dress. So, one week later, we finally got to see Lyla in her pretty dress.

I didn't know that there was a market for ironic baby clothes, but those pithy tee-shirts are all the rage these days, so why wouldn't young hipsters want their children to reflect their apathetic worldviews. It is a nice picture, right? Well, that was one of, oh I don't know, a bazillion shots that it took to get one when she wasn't howling (she's not a fan of bathtime yet). Take a look:

After a lot of crying and impromptu attempts to sooth Lyla, Kevin discovered two new methods: 1. Lyla seemed to like it when I lay gently across her; and 2. well, see for yourselves:

(<-) Almost have it!

Got it! (->)