Monday, December 10, 2007

Sleeping and more sleeping

I guess being so awesome sure takes a lot out of you because Lyla has been a sleeping machine (sort of explains why Katherine sleeps a lot, too). We gave her her first bath at home last night, and, well, Katherine and I are not quite adept at bathing Lyla yet. We didn't drop her or anything, it just didn't go smoothly. But Lyla was clean and happy once we dressed her in another cute outfit. Then Katherine fed her and put her to sleep. Some new, G.R. friends loaned us a bunch of baby supplies including a swing that seems to not wake Lyla up, so we put her down for bed in that last night. She slept from 11 pm until 4 am, when Katherine got up and made her eat. She then slept soundly until 8 am (another mandatory feeding, which turned on some hunger switch because Lyla ate every hour after that for the next four hours). From 12ish to about 1ish, Lyla spent some quality awake time with the fam. Then back to sleep. We consider ourselves quite fortunate (especially because we all got a full night's sleep last night) and definitely aren't complaining. I really enjoy holding Lyla and am perfectly content to watch her sleep for hours. (see picture)

What do you say, Lyla? Want to show everyone just how tired you can be?

(Warning: the following film contains footage of cute baby stretching and has been rated "E" for "Endearing")