Thursday, December 20, 2007

Caution: baby snoring (may not be suitable for those with a low tolerance for cuteness)

Lyla has become quite adept at getting fussy right as we sit down to dinner, then falling asleep right after (only to wake up three hours later and demand attention... coincidentally right as we're trying to go to sleep). Because Katherine has to feed her in the middle of night, I've been taking the 11 to 2 and 8 to 11 shifts bookending the nights.

Last night we gave Lyla a bath (and since her umbilical cord has fallen off, we used the baby tub for the first time). Katherine and I have not quite figured out how to not make baths the worst thing Lyla's ever experience (that girl really turned on her crying A-game recently), but when she's done she looks soft and precious. I guess all the crying wore Lyla out because she spent the next two hours sleeping on Katherine's chest and then in my arms for an hour after that.

Here are my two beautiful girls:

And here's a video of precious girl sleeping in daddy's arms (hint: turn up your speakers to hear some quality baby snoring):