Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thank you Grandma

We wanted to dedicate a special post to Katherine's mother Dorcas. Dorcas generously offered to come up here for eight days to help us out as we adjusted to life with Lyla. We really appreciate her willingness to take time off from her job to be here with us. We also appreciate her and Katherine's dad's willingness to be apart for so long. Fortunately the past week hasn't been too intense or too overwhelming but it has been so great having help in the form of making dinners, doing dishes, staying up at night with Lyla, changing diapers, and (I think what was the most helpful) just loving all three of us. I've said for the past three years that I'm lucky to have Dorcas as a mother-in-law; well, Lyla is very lucky and blessed to have Dorcas as a grandmother.

We took Dorcas to the airport yesterday and it was sad for all of us. We miss her already (and not just because Lyla decided to stay up until 3 am last night, apparently she was really really really hungry, she ate for 5o minutes straight!!! and also not because I had cereal for breakfast instead of a delicious egg cooked over-easy.), her presence in our house is just such a joy. We're very very grateful for the love that she and Jeff have for us and for Lyla and can't wait until the next time we get to see them.

Here's a slide show of Dorcas and Lyla's greatest hits:

We love you Dorcas!!