Sunday, December 9, 2007

From burrito to... the opposite of burrito... taco salad?

Early on in Lyla's life, she LOVED to be swaddled. I used to double wrap her to keep her nice and warm and packaged in a tight little cute bundle. It was the panacea for whatever ailed her. (see Exhibit A to the right)


Apparently, she has gotten over that phase and (as long as she's warm) she likes to be able to stretch way way out (which isn't really surprising because back when she was in the womb she used to try and make more space for herself by planting her feet on Katherine's abdomen wall and push). It's totally cute, especially because sometimes she'll kind of freeze once she's stretched out and stay that way (see Exhibit B to the left). What's particularly funny about this shot is I'm holding her under her back with one arm and I am not supporting her legs.