Saturday, December 29, 2007

How to Make Your Baby Smell Like Garlic

So during the week my mom was here Kevin and I took a night to go out to dinner by ourselves, carefully timed in between Lyla's feedings. One of the types of food I missed most while I was pregnant was sushi. I love sushi. I love the rolls, I love the sashimi, I love the rice, I love the seaweed, I love edamame, I love it. Our favorite sushi restaurant in San Diego was Zen5 -- it was within walking distance of our house, had awesome rolls and different specialty rolls every day, and played loud reggae music all the time. It was always full of twenty-somethings, had a couple of tv's on and was so loud it was sometimes hard to hold conversations.
We had gotten a couple of recommendations for sushi restaurants here in Grand Rapids and were excited to give Mikado a try. We ventured out into the cold (about 30 degrees that night, so not too bad) and drove down to the strip mall where the restaurant is located. We walked inside the brightly lit space and were immediately seated. The first thing I noticed inside was how quiet it was -- only two tables were filled in the whole restaurant. Our server brought over warm towels and green tea, both of which helped combat the cold we had just escaped. We looked over the menu, which featured one half page of sushi and about three pages of other Japanese food. But we had come for sushi, and so we had sushi.
After we ordered our server delivered salads and tofu soup. The salad had a delicious peanut-garlic dressing, and we gobbled it up before the sushi arrived. Everything was very good, although the selection was definitely limited compared to San Diego restaurants.
We stopped for frozen yogurt on the way home -- TCBY is another place that is pretty empty in December in Michigan -- and then rescued my mom and fed the baby. She slept well that night (Lyla, not my mom), so we went through the next day with only pleasant impressions of the night before. I didn't even think very much about the meal until the following evening when I was feeding the little girl. She turned her face toward me and produced a distinctly garlic-y burp right in my face. Oh yeah -- everything I eat she gets too.... Right.
She hasn't had any bad reactions to anything so far, so I'm just eating as I normally would. It is wonderful to be able to have sushi again! And lunch meat! And sunny-side-up eggs. Life is good.