Thursday, December 6, 2007

Family portraits

For those of you who haven't visited yet and seen me in action, I love to take pictures of my little girl. The video function on my digital camera only tapes for 3 minutes but I'm perfectly content to capture three minutes of Lyla yawning or squirming or doing absolutely nothing. And I'm quick to snap a picture because (despite the fact that she really doesn't do that much) everything she does is so new to me.

So here are a couple of the pictures I've taken today.

My beautiful girls.

Lyla surprised.

Burrito Lyla - awake and alert.
This evening Lyla was half sleeping, half fussing (fuh-leeping?) and I was shifting her into various positions trying to find one she liked. I was switching arms and half way through she calmed down, so I held her like that for the next 45 minutes, cradled on my forearm, legs tucked into my chest, back of her head in my hand. She slept real well, didn't even contort her face like she normally does.

Self-portrait, father daughter.