Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter wonderland

We were hit by a winter storm last night and we awoke to about 6 inches of snow. Our church service was cancelled due to weather which we were both glad and sad about. Sad because we were planning on going and it would have been our first trip back since Lyla was born. We've only missed one service (other than today) but the people at Fourth Reformed have been some amazing in how they've welcomed us and with their love and generosity that we really miss them already and are both excited about introducing Lyla. Oh well, hopefully next week.

Here's a picture (<-)of our neighborhood that Katherine and her mom took yesterday. Notice the light dusting of snow that is covering most of the ground. For most of you (especially Lyla's San Diego fans) this may seem like a lot of snow. Behold the wonder of six inches of snow!! I took this picture (->) from our front stoop. I wasn't really up for venturing out to get better shot of snow. Check out the accumulation on the railings or on the yellow kayak just to the right of the lamp post. (wow, I finished writing that sentence and realized that our pathway is kind of like those picture puzzles from Highlights magazine. Find the following items in this picture: a flag pole, a lamp post, a kayak, a frog statue. Awesome, I love that magazine!)

Anyway, winter is upon us. I asked Lyla if she wanted to go sledding, she said no. I can't say I blame her. We could easily lose her in 6 inches of snow.

Side note: Taking care of an infant usually occupies at least one hand and arm at all times. Katherine and I have had to develop some dexterity so that we can actually get other things done. Anyway, Katherine was quite amused at me working on this blog post while eating breakfast and soothing the baby: