Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Now it's time.

Katherine and I are in the delivery room. She started having contractions around 4:30 am (that's 1:30 am for you California readers) and we watched them until about 9 am. Signs pointed to us having a baby so we called and they said come in. I drove past a speed trap on the way to the hospital but the cop didn't pull me over. Katherine's a real trooper and has been enduring the contractions really well so I don't think the cop would have believed that she's in labor. Nothing about this pregnancy has been like the movies have lead me to believe it would be. Oh well. We're waiting for the doctor right now so I want to give RingWorld fans the scoop. I AM NOT LIVE BLOGGING MY DAUGHTER'S BIRTH. But they do have wireless here so we'll put up pictures after everything is settled. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and well wishes.