Sunday, December 9, 2007


I just witnessed (and cleaned up) something incredible. I was changing Lyla's diaper and she took advantage of her freedom to show off her abilities. Let's just say a canon blast shot across the changing table. It was about the volume and strength of a super-soaker water gun. Fortunately there is a wall at the end of the changing table that took the brunt of the blast (I had just moved out of the way to grab a wipe). The shot rocketed about 18 inches before it hit the wall, that's about the length of Lyla's entire body. It got on the changing table cover, one of Lyla's socks, and a little bit on her pink outfit, so clean up wasn't too bad. By the way, it wasn't pee.

Lyla spent most of the afternoon awake and sitting with me. It was awesome. Here's a video of her not sleeping.