Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Ever since Katherine and I found out on June 29, 2007 that we were going to have a girl, the Ring/Weir family has been abuzz about girl cousins!! See, Katherine's youngest brother Dave and his wife Faith have two beautiful daughters, Emily and Allison. Emily is two and Allison is coming up on four months. Unfortunately Emily, Allison and Lyla haven't met yet and aren't going to have that chance until next year (we were going to try to all get together for Christmas in Texas but it's too soon after Lyla's birth for travel to be comfortable).

I just KNOW that the girls are going to be good friends; Emily is going to be the ring-leader and Ally and Lyla (did you notice that their names are an anagram?) are going to be the henchmen, doing whatever Emily tells them to. It's going to be fun. Plus, the combined cuteness of these three girls is going to be unbelieveable.

Anyway, I just did my 4 pm check of faithaweir.blogspot.com and discovered that Faith posted an adorable picture of Allison sleeping. My first thought was "Man, Allison is sooooo big!" (Granted, I have spent the past six days inundated with a newborn, so my frame of reference is a little skewed).

My next thought was "These cousins are destined to be BFF." Why is that you say? Um, awesome sleeping positions. Duh. Check it out: