Monday, February 18, 2008

Smiles and sleep.

I realized last week that the majority of pictures we'd taken of Lyla were of her awake and looking kind of emotionless. For the past couple of weeks we've been really enjoying the period between when Lyla eats and when she starts to get sleepy again. It lasts about 20 minutes and she's always really happy, smiling and talking to us.

I usually sit and hold her and ask her what noises different animals make (gorilla : ooh ooh ooh; monkey : aah aah aah; tiger : raaawwrrr; kitty cat : meow; doggie : ruff ruff; mouse : squeak squeak; froggy : ribbit ribbit; mommy : la la la la laa) or I ask her is she can say different things ("daddy;" "mommy;" "I love mommy;" "Stephen is the best!!!"). Every time I ask her a question she smiles and sometime she even answers me. It's great. These are a couple different pictures of her smiling. I love every one of these.

After about 20 minutes she gets tired and starts to yell/cry. Then we usually swaddle her up (using these awesome blankets that our friends J and D got us; they're big enough to swaddle an 11 week old) and if she's really fussy we'll jostle her to sleep. But sometimes she just sits and stares and ultimately falls asleep. I decided to take some pictures of her sleeping because she does look so peaceful when she sleeps.
Usually when she wakes up she smiles when she recognizes me and Katherine. That's another fun period which will last awhile unless she's hungry; then things usually deteriorate pretty quickly. Overall, she's such a good baby. We're really fortunate.