Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Baby bumbo

Lyla sure is developing. We put her in the Bumbo seat today for the first time and she did great. Now before you all freak out and tell us that Bumbo seats were recalled last year, we know. The seats weren't recalled, just the safety warnings. Some parents were leaving their children in the seats unattended on top of tall surfaces like tables and counters and well, bad things happened. You'll notice that Lyla was seated firmly on the floor. Anyway, she's a champ. She holds her head up very strongly (probably because she's had to develop neck muscles because dad swings her around so much). Here are a couple pictures of her in the seat. Katherine's seated in a chair in front of her. Also, you'll notice that she's smiling. I was showing pictures of Lyla to a friend and realized that we don't have that many of her smiling. I realized it's probably because whenever she is smiling we're so attentive because she such a joy to interact with at those times. Please enjoy the pictures.

And finally something different from what you've seen on this blog before. A video of Lyla being cute and making noises while Katherine and I talk to her in funny voices. I hope you don't mind that I'm shaking it up a bit. Enjoy!!