Thursday, February 7, 2008

Aunt Timmie's here!!!

Our good friend Kim has arrived for a weekend visit. She flew in from Nebraska earlier today and Lyla took to her immediately. Kim is one of our Fun Timer friends from San Diego. She moved back to Nebraska not to long after we left for Grand Rapids (she claims that her decision to move had nothing to do with our departure). We're super excited that she's here; for one, she only the second San Diego friend to meet Lyla; for two, she's a lot of fun; for three, she's a foodie so we'll be enjoying some Good Eats.

Unfortunately, it snowed like a bazillion inches yesterday so that limits the amount of outdoors time we'll be spending. That's okay, we're glad she's here. Lyla is too, check out her pulling out all her best emotions to show off to Kimmer: