Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lyla's 2 month doctor's appointment.

We took Lyla for her two month doctor's appointment last Friday (as she had turned eight weeks old the previous Tuesday). It snowed three to five inches during the day so it wasn't the easiest trip out; we even witnessed a car spin out on the ice in front of us on the way there. The appointment went well, Lyla is developing normally and is a healthy little baby. She got officially measured and was 23.75 inches long and weighed 11 lbs 8 oz. The also measured the circumference of her head but I forget what it was. Again the height and head size were 90th+ percentile and weight was ~50th percentile. Tall and skinny; all the nurses said that she'll be grateful for inheriting Dad's build when she's older.

She was supposed to get six vaccinations this visit but apparently there was a mix up with the scheduling. In Michigan, the 2-month visit only "counts" if it happens after the two month mark, not the eight week mark (Lyla was born Dec. 4th, so the appointment had to be Feb 4th or later to be state recognized). Any shots before the 4th wouldn't have counted as far as state records are concerned. So we didn't get any shots this visit (Lyla said she was ready for them whenever, bring it on), and the shots are now scheduled for Feb 18th (60 days after her two week visit, go figure).

Overall, Lyla was very good. She isn't shy about stripping down to her diaper and likes looking at the lights and colors of the examination room. Here's the pictures:

In the waiting room:

Mom and baby before the doctor came in:

Happy times:
Sad times: