Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last week wrap-up: CUTE OUTFITS!!!

Lyla has continued to grow and as a result, does not fit into most of her NB and 0-3 mo. clothes anymore. Fortunately, we had received a couple 3-6 mo. things that are super cute. Exhibit A (photo on left) cute pink with white flower jumper that wraps across the front and snaps down the side. The result: a kimono-esque look that is equally appropriate on the go and in the crib. Super cute!!!

Exhibit B (photo on the right) a two piece onesie/overalls combination from the Classic Winnie the Pooh line. The pink onesie has ruffled lace along the neck line and sleeves. And the purple overalls are a nice soft, material for all-day comfort.

Wow, I think Katherine's been making watch too much Project Runway!

The outfit on the right was a gift from Lyla's aunt Julie. The first time Lyla wore it, someone peed on it before we had a chance to take a picture of her in it. So this time we made sure to snap a bunch of pictures as soon as she got dressed. (side note: Lyla is becoming quite adept at standing, as long as she is supported for stability purposes).

Final picture: Lyla sitting upright on the couch in the Winnie the Pooh outfit, along with her first teddy bear (also a classic
pooh product).