Sunday, June 29, 2008

30 things

Though this is many days late I wanted to share a list of 30 things I love about Katherine.

1. She is a child of God.
2. She knows how to love.
3. She loves me well.
4. She challenges my thinking.
5. She's super cute.
6. Great fashion sense.
7. Her laugh.
8. She inspires a never ending catalog of nicknames.
9. She's the fastest reader I've ever met.
10. She values productivity.
11. She is invested in making sure our family is healthy and strong.
12. She makes silly faces in photos.
13. She truly cares about her friends.
14. She's a terrific cook.
15. She's patient with me.
16. We fit together perfectly.
17. She's a wonderful mother. Beyond comparison.
18. She secretly likes Dr. Jones.
19. She grows her own food.
20. She talks with God.
21. She talks with God on my behalf.
22. Her eyes finally taught me what "beautiful" means.
23. She laughs at my jokes (especially the bad ones).
24. Buddies For Life.
25. Her desire for personal growth.
26. She's teaching me how to be empathetic.
27. Her many different and wonderful smiles.
28. Her grace.
29. Her glory.
30. Her heart.

I am BLESSED to have Katherine as my wife and partner, as the mother of my child, as my best friend and buddy for life. Happy belated birthday! I love you.