Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Big Oh Point Five!!!

Heyo, Lyla-fans. Yesterday was a big day in Lyla-land. Little girl turned 6 months old!!! Katherine took Lyla to Meijer Gardens with her friend Maddy (and Kari, Maddy's mom) and then out to lunch at Osta's (a local Lebanese restaurant). I got home from work a little early and hung out with my girls. We did not have a huge celebration, we all went out to dinner at Gaia Cafe (a health food restaurant here in the GR) and Lyla slept through the dinner. We came home and because of the nap, Lyla got to stay up an extra 45 minutes past her bedtime.

Lyla, being a selfless and caring baby, gave Katherine and I a gift (instead of the other way around): she slept through the whole night!!! This was especially appreciated because both parents had spent an hour awake with her the night before.

Anyway, I spent most the day yesterday saying, "Man, can you believe Lyla's six months old?!?!" Seriously, though, can you believe it? It seems like it's flown by. Obviously because every single moment with her is a new and special experience, but I'm just blown away by how much she's grown and changed in those six months. My cute little girl who who can roll over, remain seated upright for more than 10 seconds, smiles, responds, speaks fluent baby-talk, eats many types of solid foods, has started drinking juice from a sippy cup, laughs when you tickle her and when other kids do funny stuff, has grown at an incredible rate, has two teeth (with more on the way), is hinting at an ability to use sign language, follows Doctor Jones with her eyes whenever her enters a room, knows her mommy and daddy and looks at them in a way that just melts their hearts, rolls over and is thinking about learning to crawl, talks to her toys and pacifier, and is beautiful in ways my heart did not even know were possible is so different from the tiny, precious infant that destroyed any sense of self that I had the moment I first saw her just six months earlier. It goes fast.

We don't really have any pictures from yesterday, but here are some I took while feeding her on Tuesday. I think she's super cute. Enjoy!!