Sunday, July 13, 2008

Marveling at my little girl

*Cue Cats In The Cradle by Harry Chapin
It seems that just today Lyla has advanced developmentally in leaps and bounds. She's been more interactive, more attentive, more content, and more vocal over the past few days. But today she did three things that blew me away and brought a tear to my eye. (I know this is just PFS - Proud Father Syndrome, but three things all happening today made her seem so grown up and that just got to me.)

When I was feeding her peaches and apple sauce she grabbed the spoon and guided it into her own mouth. Wow. From what we've read that signals that she's starting to want to figure out how to feed herself. It was just neat, not too big.

The second thing was more impressive. I was sitting on the ground and letting Lyla sit on my crossed legs. I held my hands stationary in front of her and she proceeded to reach up and place her hands on each of mine (left on left, right on right). She then pulled herself up under her own power and stood up. It was awesome and she did it a number of times including twice starting from sitting flat on the ground.

The third was after bath time tonight she stood up again pulling herself up on my arm. She then turned and faced me, grabbed each of my thumbs in her opposite hand and walked about one foot towards me supporting herself (usually when she walks I provide counter force to steady her... not his time). In addition, she had this intense determination as she was walking. As if each step was a real triumph. When she finally did it (i.e. reached me) she had the most excited look on her face. She had done it!! It melted me. Big smile, teary eyes, visions of my little girl growing up into a young girl. I wish you could have been there to share it.