Saturday, June 7, 2008

Also For Grandpa:

So Lyla just happened to be wearing her "That's It, I'm Calling Grandpa" tee-shirt and was surfing the web two nights ago and (as usual) was reading the latest about her cousins on her Aunt Faith's blog.From where she was sitting it was hard to read what Emily and Allison's shirts read so she asked Daddy to help her take a closer look.
"Wha???" she thought, "They're also wearing 'That's It, I'm Calling Grandpa' tee-shirts!"
"Dad, sit me up next to the computer monitor and take a picture." she said.
Then Lyla saw something sitting on the desk next to her. What could it be?
It's a fan that Mommy got at Aunt Jess and Uncle Mark's wedding! Hurray!!!
"Look at me, Grandpa! I'm fancy!! I love you!!!"