Friday, June 20, 2008

My Father's Day

I had a very nice first Father's Day spent up here in Bay View with my family and our friends from church, the Schalks. The moms and kids let Eric and me (the dads) sleep in while they prepared a delicious Father's Day breakfast (scrambled egg scramble delicious surprise not hash) and made special Father's Day cards (Eric and I were clued in to the cards' existence by the paint that like kids (and moms) had gotten on their sleeves and faces and heads. The rest of the day was really nice, very relaxing. We spent a lot of it sitting on the porch with the kids talking.

Here are some pictures taken during the card making adventure:

Here's Eric opening his Father's Day gift:

And just for kicks, here are the kids (Abby, Lyla, and Josh) swinging on the porch swing: