Saturday, January 26, 2008

Look who's talking (and smiling)

Lyla made the transition from newborn to infant about 1.5 weeks ago, just in time for her visitors. She's no longer small and not in control of her body, she's bigger now and is interacting with everything around her. In fact, the first time she smiled directly at me was the day my dad and sister arrived. Anyone who reads books about babies' development knows that babies start to interact more with their environment between six and eight weeks. They start to focus on faces and smiling in response to your smile. They even start making consonant noises to go along with the aa's, ee's and o's they've been making. Lyla, being a textbook baby, is starting to do these things right on time. To encourage development, experts encourage you to talk to your baby, asking them questions and giving them time to respond (even if they don't).

Here's a video of Lyla talking to me (and smiling because she likes it when daddy makes silly noises). She's the best.