Thursday, January 10, 2008


When I lived in Alpharetta, Georgia as a teenager our neighbors had three small kids: Colin, Devon and Hailey. Colin was 7, Devon was 4, and Hailey was 1. Devon and I were good friends; she and I would hang out a lot and do things together like check the mail. One Valentine's Day she gave me a Show White and the Seven Dwarfs valentine which read, "Dear Kevin, you make me vomit. Love, Devon." Ever since, "you make me vomit" has been a term of endearment in my lexicon. Hailey was an adorable baby and one of the cute things she would do is whenever you would say, "Hailey, show me your scared face." she'd kind of pull her jaw down and shift her eyes to one side like something had startled her. Totally cute.

Well, I'd like to lead you to believe that Lyla is responding to cues when striking each of these poses, but she's not. She's just being her awesome self.

Show me you sleeping face:
Show me your non-plussed face:

Show me your I'm excited to see you face:

Show me your skeptical face:
Show me your Chuck Norris face:
Good work baby.