Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Aunt Jess is here!!

Lyla (and Katherine and I) have another visitor this week, Katherine's BFF from high school and beyond: Jess. Jess has figured prominently in Katherine's life since high school and was a mainstay of our time in San Diego; so of course she's out here to visit and get to know the newest addition to Team Ring. She arrived via automobile on Saturday (San Diego to Chicago via plane; Chicago to Grand Rapids via automobile) and has enjoyed seeing our apartment, exploring East Grand Rapids, holding Lyla, watching Citizen Kane, getting sick, and eating good dinners.

Well, she hasn't enjoyed getting sick. Unfortunately, the combination of climate change and exposure to germs (both from me and from her fellow fliers) has rendered Jess under the weather. Boo. Hopefully, rest and medications will allow her to recover enough to enjoy the rest of her trip.

Here are the requisite pictures taken with Lyla:

Lyla looking skeptical upon meeting Jess for the first time (though appreciating that Jess's scarf matches her pacifier).
Lyla (still skeptical) sporting her pink, velour suit (baby hoodies!!! I love it!).
J, K, and L hanging on the couch (I think Jess is trying to teach gang signs to Lyla).