Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Chillin' with dad

The Rings had a quiet Jan. 1, spending most the day at home (Katherine ventured out for some early morning grocery shopping) cleaning, tackling various projects, and taking care of the baby (shocking! yes, babies require constant attention meaning that Katherine and I had to trade off most the day between watching the baby and getting things done).

Here's some of our major accomplishments:
-Grocery shopping (plus restocking diapers... and not a moment too soon... if you know what I mean... what I mean is that Lyla went to the bathroom a lot yesterday)
-Three loads of laundry
-Hair cut for Kevin
-Made/decorated/sampled gingerbread cookies (I valiantly volunteered for quality control)
-Rearranged Lyla's furniture to make more room for walking around with her late late at night (movement above a certain threshold puts baby to sleep)
-Rearranged furniture in the "green" room (our guest room/office that is neither green nor a room... well, it is a room, but it definitely isn't green)
-Filled out forms
-Watched movies (Stick It - a coming of age story about a young woman's struggles with her family and how she finds peace through gymnastics; The Rock - a coming of age story about a young FBI chemical weapons specialist who must infiltrate Alcatraz and disarm rockets)
-Other things I can't remember right now

By far, the highlight of my day was sitting with Lyla on my lap. Here's a video (isn't she an angel?)