Saturday, March 28, 2009

Will's first bath.

We gave Will his first bath this past week. We got a little behind schedule giving it to him because of the unplanned trip back to the hospital. Fortunately babies are resilient and he seemed no worse for the wear.

Will wasn't too happy with the bath, though he seemed to like the warm water. And he really liked it when I sat him up. Katherine even says he fell asleep like that, though I couldn't really tell. The whole thing was reminiscent of Lyla's first bath... just not as stressful for the adults.

It was good to see him all clean and shiny. His hair definitely is blondish, though the jury is still out as to whether he'll be blond haired/blue eyed (like his mom) or come over to the dark side, by which I mean dark brown hair, dark brown eyes (like his dad and sister). Either way, he is super cute.