Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday evening - the siblings meet

Along with all the other moments that made up that very long and amazing day, this was a moment that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Lyla and Grandma came by the hospital Sunday afternoon to meet little Will. Lyla was intrigued, a little shy, a little curious. She definitely was aware that he was there and was receptive to us referring to him as her brother Will We'd been consistently asking Lyla where her brother was while Katherine was pregnant and she learned that he was inside of Katherine. So the concepts of "baby brother" and "Will" weren't foreign to her. There were a few times when I'd ask Lyla where her brother was and she'd point to Katherine. But overall I think she picked up pretty quickly that this kid was special.

I love the look of joy on her face. Katherine and I are both hopeful that Lyla and Will will grow up to be good friends, so the excitement that Lyla has expressed thusfar is real encouraging and heartwarming.

Where's your baby brother?

Can you give your brother a kiss?

She's still the best.

Shortly after Grandma and Lyla arrived, our friends Mandy (right) and Alisa (center) stopped by to visit. Mandy and Alisa are the mothers of Lyla's buddies Ian and Sadie (respectively) and it was Alisa's delicious pork tacos that sent Katherine into labor on Saturday night. I know they're both excited for the newest addition to their playgroup.