Saturday, March 14, 2009

We're having a baby!

It's 10pm on Saturday, March 14th and we are at the hospital. Katherine started having contractions earlier and they got quicker, closer, and more intense pretty quickly. Lyla's with the Macs, so pretty soon our son will be here. Pray for us.

It's not 11:45 on Saturday. Katherine was dilated about 7cm when we got to the hospital. They haven't checked her recently because the plan for right now is to wait at least an hour (target about 4 hours) because they're administering doses of an antibiotic for our little boy. Not sure when they're going to have her start pushing, I guess when it's time. So for now we're resting comfortably, watching Saturday Night Live starring Tracy Morgan. Our son will most likely be born March 15, 2009. Secretly I was hoping it would be the 16th so we'd have the same birthday. But I get a son, so this is going to be the best birthday ever.

Here's me and Katherine enjoying Room 3409.

2:50 pm Katherine did a great job, pushed from 1:15 until about 2:45 am. All this started after her water spontaneously broke around 1 am, to which we both remarked, we'll that's a first. Unfortunately, I kind of have a big head and so do my kids. So our little boy couldn't quite make it over (or under) the main hurdle. So we're about the head downstairs for a c-section. Should have a baby boy soon enough. One thing I have to say is Spectrum Health's staff is amazing. They've been great.