Thursday, July 31, 2008

Holy moley, one of our friends wrote a book

This is an official RingWorld shout out (holla!) to our friend Jaime Ryan who is now a published author. Jaime collaborated on a book with his work colleagues at IBM and the finished product will be ready for release soon (by soon, I mean February 2009).

The book, IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance Handbook, is a coming of age story about a young SOA appliance growing up on the mean streets of San Diego. Mystery! Intrigue! Romance! Business-to-Business System Integration! Dynacaching! This book has it all! Spoiler Alert: ***tthe DataPower SOA Appliance has an evil twin brother!! ***

Anyway, mad props to Jaime and this homey's at IBM. Congrats on the book, let us know if your press junket or book signing tour brings you to Grand Rapids.

p.s. No, that is not a picture of Jaime on the cover. Jaime would never wear a pink tie... or a white lab coat.