Sunday, March 30, 2008

Where to begin?

Let's start with my favorite: Saturday morning, the moms and grandmom went garage sale-ing, leaving Emily, Allison, and Lyla home with the dads, uncles, and grandpa. What started out with laying the two youngest (Allison and Lyla) on the floor next to each other to allow them to interact. What it evolved into was all three cousins lying on the floor, uncle Kevin/daddy tickling/zerbering them, and Uncle Dave/daddy filming it complete with squirming, laughing, and drooling.

Here are the pictures and videos of the session:
Ally: I've got your hand!!
Ally: Lyla, look! I've got your hand!!
Lyla: What are you doing with my hand?
Lyla: Dad, she has my hand.