Monday, March 10, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Lyla knows how to laugh!!!

So a few posts ago we informed you all that Lyla laughed for the very first time. She's only laughed once since then and only Katherine was there to witness it. Well, I just got home from work and was talking to my BIL Stephen (Stephen is the best!!!), I traded my phone for Lyla so Katherine could talk to her brother. I was walking around holding Lyla and asking her how her day was. I asked her if she played with mommy, if she had a fashion show and if she had taken a nap. For some reason I decided to try and create associations with each of the things I asked her to help her to learn what they are. To illustrate "nap" I made a fake snoring sound "honk pshew." When I said the "pshew," Lyla laughed. So I said it again and she laughed again. Said it again, laughed again. It went on like that for a good seven minutes. Fortunately Katherine got it on video. So here it is: (man this girl is awesome!!!!!)