Monday, March 10, 2008

Snow bunny

With Spring so teasingly close, Katherine and I have been getting more and more excited about being able to take Lyla outside. For Lyla's entire life, whenever we've taken her outside, it's been with her in her car seat, under a blanket, under a kind of fleece sleeping bag. Recently, if Lyla's awake when we're going out, she'll try and push the outer cover off of her face. And Katherine and I (being the bad guys) put it back over her head (after all, I'm no expert, but I think sub-20 degree temperatures aren't good for a baby). So warm weather means introducing Lyla to outside, blue skies, green grass, colorful flowers, tall trees... a whole new world.

For Christmas, Lyla received a cute little pink snow outfit, complete with ears and flaps that (when folded up to cover the ands and feet) look like paws. So cute!!! The problem, Lyla was way too tiny for it. The picture below was taken around Christmas, with Lyla sleeping peacefully inside the body of the suit, arms and legs flapping empty at the sides.

Fast forward to the beginning of March and you'll see that Lyla has grown quite a bit. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it isn't enough to fill out the suit yet to be practical. So tune in next winter for some serious one year old cuteness.

One other byproduct of Spring's imminent arrival is that all winter gear is on serious sale. For example, a full on winter coat that I considered buying in November for $60 at Target was on clearance this past week for $7. Now I'm no math wizard, but that's like 7/60th of the original cost. Taking full advantage of fractions, Katherine picked up a snow suit (sized for a one year old) at the local Meijer for some extremely reasonable price.

Lyla got super excited when she saw it, put it on and immediately hit the slopes. Here she is after a long day of snowboarding.