Tuesday, March 4, 2008

And for something completely different.

So, I know the main reason you're reading this right now is to discover what new and exciting levels of cuteness that Lyla is pioneering. And I can't disagree with your motivation, she really is something else and never ceases in blowing Katherine and me away. For example, last night after bath time, I was drying her off and going through the routine of getting her dressed and she kept talking to me about the different things we were doing (me [in my high-pitched daddy voice]: "are you ready for your diaper?", Lyla: "aaahgguhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr eeeeehhhhhhhhgggggooooooo" [followed by smiles and looking right at me]).

Given how high the joy-bar has been set by the pictures and videos, I am conflicted as I post about something other than Lyla's cuteness. Fortunately, I think I've chosen something that is comparable in terms of cuteness. As many of you know, Katherine and my nieces (Emily and Allison) are awesome (I could not ask for better cousins for Lyla). I am really really really really looking forward to spending time with them in about three weeks in Dallas (my company is hosting its Global CEO conference there March 26th through the 28th).

I'm not ashamed to admit that Emily holds a special place in my heart, I've been huge fan from the beginning. My SIL Faith also has a blog which I check about every 7 minutes. Yesterday she posted a video of Emily and David (my BIL) which is fun, cute, exciting and endearing. I'll try and embed it here; but if it doesn't work here's the link (this way you can check out all the other Da/Fa/Em/Al cuteness).