Friday, November 16, 2007

Waiting for baby

So, Baby Ring is due sometime between next Monday (the date indicated on the most recent ultrasound) and next Saturday (the date I am actually 40 weeks pregnant). But we want her to come now!

Nothing has worked so far. We've tried enticing her out with promises of new toys and fun times, but no go. We've been going for walks everyday, but it's gotten so cold I think that might be more of an incentive for her to stay in. We're collecting ideas from friends and books and websites about other ways to make her hurry up -- bumpy roads, painting nails and eggplant parmesan are the top three contenders right now.

In some ways this is so incredibly bizarre, because I know when she gets here everything in our lives is going to change. Kevin and I were talking about it last night, and agree that this is good training for the total pace-of-life change that will take place when she arrives. It's going to take us longer to get things done, and take more focus on our communication to decide on how to do things. It brings up questions about how we do things now and how we want things to be with our family in the future. And for every question we answer it looks like ten more will be raised.

So while we're waiting for her to get here, do we try and figure out all of these things? Or watch TV and read and eat delicious meals? I vote for the latter.