Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Snowflakes Keep Falling on my Head

Since we arrived in Grand Rapids four months ago, one of the most frequent questions we've received, apart from "Why did you move to Michigan?" is "Are you ready for winter?" We assured people that we both spent years on the East Coast, so we know what winter is like. In the past few days we've had temperatures consistently below 40 at all times of day and night, and have seen snow flurries several times, including this morning. And while we do know what winter is like, we are not quite ready for it. After living in Southern California for two and a half years, we both had to go out and buy socks -- all the ones we have are either dress socks or ankle socks. Because why do you need to cover more than your feet in Southern California? We've also both purchased new coats, long-sleeve shirts and sweaters. I still need to find some sort of waterproof boots. And I'm a little worried about what I"m going to wear post-baby. Conventional wisdom says you go back to the clothes you wore at around 5 months, but I was wearing dresses and shorts and tank tops at that point.

We are still waiting for baby to make her appearance. I'm officially late now. I have been having contractions for the past few days, but it's not quite enough to be active labor. I have a dr.'s appointment this afternoon, so we'll see what they say, but supposedly we're not even going to talk about inducing until next week. Physically I'm fine with that -- I would much rather go into labor naturally. But it is comforting to know that she will be here by some definite date. I do not want to be perpetually pregnant, especially since all the weight I'm gaining now is going straight to her. I'm starting to get a little top-heavy.