Sunday, April 20, 2008

Who wears short shorts? and eats bananas? and is super cute?

Ah, summer. Technically it's spring but the 70+ degree weather has us thinking otherwise. We made summer preparations in order to go to Meijer Sculpture Gardens this weekend, namely Katherine and I wore sunscreen and Lyla wore shorts. I must say, baby-short: utterly pointless, totally cute. -->

Lyla has had quite a week. Many many milestones for the little girl including, well, first time wearing shorts, the first time rolling over (back to front and then back) by herself, the first time stepping on grass, and the first time eating solid food.

Katherine had noticed that Lyla had been eyeing her food lately and had read that that's one of the signs that babies are ready to try solid food. I pointed out that Lyla eyed everything as if she wanted to eat it (a point I demonstrated by holding a credit card in Lyla's reach only to have her grab it and put it in her mouth). Undeterred (or determined to make sure it's real food that Lyla puts in her mouth), Katherine mushed up some banana and fed it to Lyla. Lyla loved it. She even cried when Katherine stopped feeding her.

So on Friday we fed her again (this time with daddy present). Lyla wasn't as excited but she sure did enjoy it. And with two people it was easier to catch it on film:

So, yeah, Lyla's totally cute.