Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Genetics... or, Lyla's 4 month doctor's appointment

Pausing quickly from our Dallas Trip series, I wanted to let everyone know that Lyla had her 4 month doctor's visit yesterday. Once again she was very good through the whole appointment. She got four shots this time with out any incidents (mainly because I suggested up front that they let me hold her legs instead of the nurse trying to hold them while administering the shots). Once again she cried and then calmed down quickly. We really are fortunate.

Unfortunately for you readers out there in the interweb, we didn't take any pictures of this visit. Maybe it's because she's getting older, or maybe it's because these experiences aren't "new," or maybe it's because I'm taking on average 400 photos a month and don't know how I'm going to keep track of them all (as an aside for those readers who are interested in technology, I went to upload the newest photos into a Facebook album and was surprised to discover that the FB application only recognizes the first 1000 files in a folder. I couldn't access Lyla Katherine Ring 1001.jpg through Lyla Katherine Ring 1536.jpg or what ever it is. To upload the new photos I would have had to move them to a new folder, so I abandoned the project for now. Sorry Facebook friends! I'll figure it out soon, I promise. Anyway, I how quickly we reach the limitations of new technology. End aside.)

What I do have for you is a replica of the charts the doctor showed us of Lyla's measurements compared to national averages. First her weight: 14 lbs 10 oz. Which is in the 75th percentile. Slightly above average, she's developing normally as you can see from this chart of percentile ranges and her weights at birth, 2 mos., and 4 mos. (a special thanks to the internet for its plethora of baby-related websites):

Now, the reason I titled this post "Genetics" is you can very clearly see from the length chart which parent Lyla gets her height from (as well as her complexion, hair, explosive bowels, and eye color -- thank goodness that Katherine's cute face is genetically dominant). Measuring in at 27 inches at four months old, from Grand Rapids, Michigan... as you can see she's off the charts. There isn't even a percentile for her to be in. It's her first 100%; my tall daughter. Place your bets now for what height she ends up at...

Good work baby.