Friday, April 18, 2008

First Trip Wrap-Up

The first big event of our trip to Dallas was Easter Service on Sunday morning. Here's a picture of Lyla and her Grandpa all ready to go (notice Lyla's cute flowered dress, aka Easter Outfit Number 1):

And here's an Easter picture of Grandma and Lyla just a few minutes later (notice Easter Outfit Number 2):

In the interim there was a spectacular poop-splosion that thankfully missed everyone else, but caused a quick outfit change and tardiness to church.

The next few days were full of family time and enjoying the warm weather. We took long walks around my parents neighborhood. Lyla and I went to Grandma's school and met lots of her friends there. Kevin had to work most of the week, so we saw him mostly in the evenings. Lyla had her first (and possibly) last series of baths in the sink:

The rest of my family came into town on Wednesday. It was so fun to see them all! The cousins seemed to enjoy meeting each other, and we embarked on a fun-filled schedule of eating, sleeping and changing diapers of three little girls under three.

Kevin's family arrived on Friday afternoon, and came over to enjoy delicious barbeque and a few Shiner's. Here's Uncle Matthew with Lyla:

And Aunt Anna and Lyla:

We were supposed to go to the Dallas Arboretum on Saturday, but the weather did not cooperate, so we all gathered at my parents house again for lunch. One of the highlights of the morning was a photo shoot -- Grandma had found matching dresses for all of the little girls. Here's a series of pictures of the little cuties! I don't think anyone got all five of them to look in the same direction at the same time.

Then we took family pictures. We've increased in numbers since the last time we did this!

We spent the rest of the time there hanging out with family, catching up with friends and prepping for the trip back. The flight back to Detroit on Monday was not as smooth as the trip down -- Lyla was awake for most of it, and fussy for most of that. When we arrived in Detroit we discovered they had left our stroller and carseat in Dallas. After an extra 90 minutes in the airport figuring that out, the airline lent us a carseat so we could drive home. We had a quick dinner with Laura and Andy and then made our way back to the GR!