Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas, San Antonio style

We were lucky to be able to spend a few days over the holiday down in San Antonio visiting my family. We drove down from Dallas the Saturday before Christmas and spent five days down there. It was really good to see my dad and Fei and Matthew and Anna. Lyla had a lot of fun playing with Uncle Matthew and Aunt Anna, being smothered with love and attention from Fei, and cuddling with Grandpa Ring. She even learned how to say Grandpa, which sounded more like "Mmmm pah."
Here's Lyla's Ring-genes in action:
Yay Mmmm pah!
Lyla's number 1!
Hey Uncle Matthew, can I ride Flicka?
Aunt Anna is so cute!

I can walk, Dad. I just choose not to.
Matthew is growing up so big.
We left on Christmas Eve to go back to Dallas so the kids opened their gifts on the 23rd. Lyla got a cell phone.Anna got Hello Kitty stickers and gear.
Matthew got Monopoly Junior.

The night before we left we went out to dinner at Anna's favorite restaurant: Applebees.Anna, I thought you loved Applebees?
Are you sad because your daddy is busy telling all his funny stories to Lyla instead of you? (I love this picture.)
We had a wonderful time in San Antonio and were sad we couldn't stay longer. The saddest part was that my brother Jeff was supposed to fly in from Portland the same day that we arrived. But because of the huge snow storm they had, all flights were canceled for 3 days and he didn't make it. So we were sad we didn't get so see him. But we did get to eat at a yummy Thai restaurant, so it wasn't all bad. Hopefully Uncle Jeff can make it out this spring or summer to meet his niece and nephew.