Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas, Dallas style

We had a wonderful time this Christmas, spending nearly two weeks in Texas split between Katherine's parents in Dallas and my family in San Antonio. All of Katherine's family was able to gather this year for Christmas and it was a real joy to spend the time with everyone, especially Emily and Allison (and Stephen). Rather than take you through the whole time we spent together, here are pictures from some of the highlights.

Taking family photos (an annual tradition that becomes more and more chaotic as 1) the little ones get bigger - a.k.a. "squirmier"; and 2) there are more little ones):

Christmas morning gift opening.

Putting gift bows on the children (also becoming a Christmas tradition):

Playing at the park at night... early evening really.

Emily hamming it up:

The guys taking the youngest girls for a walk. The weather was pretty nice. We had a double stroller. The girls had matching hats. What more could you ask for?