Sunday, November 9, 2008

Today is the winter of our discontent

What had been a very wonderful week (democratic process, EMS that didn't make me sad, dinner with friends, business development, super cute Lyla) has rather quickly turned south and today marks a sad day for the Rings. For one, yesterday our next-door neighbors, friends, and definite answer to pray the McIntyres moved into their new house. We're happy for them because they now have a wonderful how for their family to grow in. And it's only 0.8 miles away. But that's 0.798106060606 miles farther away than they were. And that's sad. Because we miss them. We miss how much a part of our daily lives they have been. I miss hearing Ian's bathtime through the wall. I mean it's not super tragic, hide your head under the pillow sad; but it's sad.

And the sadness of today being the first day with them not right next door was served with a side of "the first snow of the year." Yippee. Seriously, of all days for it to snow, it had to be today. Boo. Now I know why bears hibernate.