Monday, October 20, 2008

Lyla's new word

Our routine most nights is: a little before 8 pm, Lyla and I head upstairs for "night night." She usually waves (not necessarily to anyone) as we say "night night" as we're going up the stairs. We go into her room, turn the lamp on low and grab her pajamas and a diaper. We then head into the bathroom where I was her face, hands, and feet, change her diaper, pretend to eat her hands and feet, and put on her pj's. We then say "night night" to Lyla in the mirror, then I lean her down so she can switch off the bathroom light. We say "night night bathroom", "night night hallway", "night night stairs", and "night night door". Then we sit in her chair and give her a bottle.

Every night, as she's eating I pray for her. I pray that God will pour his grace upon her, that she would know him, that she will lead a life of love and obedience to him and that he would be glorified in her life. I pray for wisdom, humility, love and patience as parents. I pray for protection, health, and growth. I pray for our family and the different people in our lives. I then thank God for his grace and mercy, his love, his Spirit, and his Son. And then I say "amen".

Some nights I finish before she does, some nights she finishes before I do. I then burp her, and then lay her in my arms. I say "night night", carry her to her crib, tell her I love her and set her in with her bear.

Tonight she finished her bottle a little before I finished praying so I wiped her mouth and sat her up as I finished my prayer by saying, "... and thank you for your Son, and it's in his name we pray. Amen."

And tonight, for the first time ever, Lyla replied (clear as day) "Ah-men."

God is amazing.