Friday, October 31, 2008


Lyla's first Halloween!! So exciting! No need for much commentary. Here's the run down:

5:00 pm - Dinner with the neighbors
6:00 pm - Trick or treating (we went to a total of three houses, not really that exciting for kids under the age of two).
6:20 pm - Back home to give out candy
7:30 pm - Over-stimulation achieved! Time for bed!

Here's the pictures:

Lyla getting dressed:

Lyla and our neighbor Ian:

Posing with mommies:

Lyla kept breaking parts of the pumpkin stem off and putting them in her mouth.

Goofing around while waiting for dinner:

Being silly with Dad during dinner:

Headed out trick-or-treating:

What a silly bear:

Alright Dads! Now we're talking. Trick-or-treating is great!

Sitting handing out candy with Andy and Mandy:

Posing in our neighbor's fake cemetery:

Look mom! I'm scary:

Grave digging!! Fun!!

We also carved pumpkins this year, though Lyla wasn't part of the process. I was feeling industrious so I tried something my mom taught us when we were kids where you carve a relief of a picture into the surface of the pumpkin. Being one of those nerdy dads who's completely wrapped around his daughter's finger, you'll never guess what i carved a picture of:

You can see the original here.

And here is it all lit up:

Happy Halloween, everyone!