Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Eating is hard work.

I know this is cruel, to exploit my daughter for cheap laughs, but this was hilarious and needs to be shared.

We've been feeding Lyla solid foods for a couple weeks now. Every night around six she gets a meal of rice cereal mixed with some sort of mushed fruit (so far it's been either bananas or pears, I think peaches are being introduced tonight). Every night Lyla's level of interest and hunger has been different, making the feeding unique every time. For example, two or three days ago she apparently was starving and end up eating two servings. She just wouldn't stop eating and would yell in between bites (as if she was saying, "GET IN MY BELLY!!!). Super cute, kind of disturbing.

And then there was this... Poor girl had had a long day and could barely continue. See for yourself: