Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Potty Power!!

Well, I admit we were quite surprised when Will suddenly expressed interest in going potty AND actually went (both #1 and #2) when we put him on there.

For the past week he had been saying "Potty" to us and pointing at his diaper so we would put him on the toilet and he would go a little bit. Then five minutes later (after getting him down and putting a new diaper on him) he would "soil" that diaper.

So this weekend, when he pointed and said "potty" I decided to put him on the toilet and let him sit there for a bit. I even offered to give him some privacy by leaving and closing the door (which he enthusiastically agreed to).

The result: two successful poops on the potty and the enjoyment of Will's hilarity whilst on the potty... which I decided to video and share with you all.


*Special thanks to our friend Eliana for introducing us to the phrase of Potty Power.